Time to introduce ourselves! We are Fýsi. Pronounced...however you like, but if you want to write some dope rhymes about us then it rhymes with Missy. We are a husband and wife duo from Brisbane with two adorable dogs. A boxer named Cozy and a border collie named Jellybean. Together we hope to make caring for your pets and the world around us a lot easier and a whole lot yummier! 


We are a company focused on making the best pet nutrition available. Our products are designed to simulate natural meals found in the diets of their wild relatives yet still suitable for the domesticated dog of today. 

We do all this while sticking to our core values in helping the planet and all its inhabitants. We do this by:

  • Creating an environmentally sustainable product
  • Creating an ethical product



At Fýsi our motivation is based on a philosophy that our beloved fur babies should be fed a diet that is natural to their species yet has the lowest possible impact on our environment. In an age where consumers are becoming more and more curious as to where products come from, we decided it was time we shared our home-prepared doggy dinners with the world.

Since bringing our gorgeous dogs into our home we, as environmentally and ethically aware consumers, realized it was impossible to buy a pet food brand that shared our values. Hence why we started preparing our own meals with organic, free range and preservative free ingredients.

Our main focus at Fýsi is to be mindful of the health and wellbeing of all animals. That’s why all our ingredients have been sourced from the most humane farmers and abattoirs possible.