Fysi aspires to create a healthier and kinder relationship with the earth. 

Our promise to you is that we will endeavor to constantly improve our environmental impact, increase our environmental reward and continue to improve on the ethical and humane farming methods of animals used within our products.

Fysi is a young company. As our sales increase, so will our influence on our suppliers to use more environmentally friendly and ethical production methods. Please help us reach our next target, which will allow us to take our positive impact to the next level.


cut our carbon footprint by 50%

We need to reach a

sales target: 10,000 boxes

Our current

sales count: 



If you would like to know more about how Fysi makes a difference you can click on the pictures below

ECO Assist

We care about our planet. Learn how we strive to make a positive impact

Ethical values

Balancing a kind and compassionate lifestyle with a natural hunter

'Take the journey into making a positive difference in our world'

You can take action today towards making a positive difference. Here at Fysi we have partnered up with with animal shelters and charity organizations. You can help us in our journey by

adopt a pet

Meet XOXO. She is based in Redland Bay..


donate to a cause

50 cents from every purchase made on our products is donated to charity. We currently have two organizations we donate to. You can also support by making a small donation